Cervical spine surgery

Many ailments of the cervical spine are managed through Anterior or Posterior or both Anterior plus Posterior procedures as per the need.  Anterior cervical surgery can be performed with a minute cosmetic cut using a surgical microscope to eliminate and repair the diseased disc or vertebra at one or multiple levels. The procedure is useful as there is least blood loss, less pain after surgery and faster recovery. Patient is relieved on the day of procedure and can start his day to day procedure on the 15th day of the surgery.

Our Ortho and Spine clinic offers  following cervical spine surgeries

1. Anterior Cervical discectomy and Fusion (ACDF)

2. Anterior cervical discectomy and artificial disc replacement

3. Anterior cervical corpectomy, cage replacement and fusion

4. Anterior cervical plating

5. Anterior cervical foraminotomy

6. Posterior Cervical foraminotomy

7. Posterior cervical laminectomy and posterolateral fusion

8. Cervical laminoplasty

9. Posterior occipitocervical fusion

10. C1C2 fusions

11. Cervical deformity correction

12. Cervical fracture surgery

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