Lumbar disc replacement

Lumbar disc replacement surgery requires eliminating a sick disc from the lower part of the spine and substituting it with a mineral or metal and plastic implant. There might be occasions when both the discs need to be replaced.

The method aids to reduce pain and other indications, including insensitivity and vulnerability in the legs. It is an option to traditional spinal fusion surgery, in which two or more vertebrae are permanently fused collectively.

The surgical procedure is conducted in presence of general anesthesia and requires a few days of hospital stay.  There are people who improve within a few months, and some are able to return to their normal routines within a few weeks.

Who is the right candidate for Lumbar disc Replacement ?

You might be the right candidate for disc replacement if the :

  • Your backbone pain originates from only one or two discs
  • You are not overweight and don’t have any other serious surgical risks
  • You haven’t had any prior spinal operations
  • You don’t have a spinal deformation, such as scoliosis
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