Microdiscectomy, also denominated as Microlumbar Discectomy (MLD), is implemented for victims with a severe lumbar herniated disc. It is a pretty common surgery conducted by spine surgeons and involves eliminating a division of the intervertebral disc, the herniated or projecting portion that is pressing the traversing spinal nerve root.
Years before, most spine specialists would expel a herniated disc using a slightly large surgical incision and surgical display without the use of a microscope or telescopic glasses, which would usually result in a lengthy hospital stay and increased recovery period.
Micro Lumbar discectomy surgeons now use a microscopic surgical approach with a small, minimally-invasive, poke-hole incision to remove the disc herniation, allowing for more accelerated restoration.

Causes for suggesting a Microdiscectomy:

  • Leg pain has been encountered for at least six weeks
  • The MRI reports and other test reveals a herniated disc
  • When sciatica is the patient’s main symptom, rather than simply lower back pain
  • Nonsurgical therapies such as oral steroids, NSAIDs, and physical therapy have not induced satisfactory pain relief
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